Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

The Youth Council of UETM is a creative youth group that decided to organize the leisure of the factory workers.

Thanks to the youth movement, a volleyball court, an own gym, volleyball and football training sessions were organized at the plant, cultural events were held in which 10 to 400 people of all ages took part.

Concessionary visits to the water park, the opera and dramatic theaters, museums and exhibition complexes, tourist trips, rafting, cycling trips and the Volod creative plant festival are all available to UETM employees through the initiative of the Youth Council. 

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Council of Veterans

In February 2017, the district veteran organization celebrated its 30th anniversary. And the veteran organization of our plant is almost 35. Today’s social organization of war veterans, home front workers and labor veterans was preceded by the unification of the Great Patriotic War participants. Over these decades, our veterans have done a lot of good deeds. First of all, this is patronage over schools №№ 67, 167, 136, 138, 46 of the Elmash microdistrict of Yekaterinburg and kindergartens. In the format of courage lessons, such meetings are held in September, February and May. In the School of Young Specialist at the Museum of the History of the Plant, meetings are held with leading experts of UETM, former Komsomol leaders, Chernobyl victims. Joint events across the plant and the region are also not uncommon. Our veteran organization has been particularly active over the past 3 years with the emergence of a club of former leaders of the Sobesednik plant, concerned with perpetuating the memory of legendary factory workers. On the houses where they lived, 9 memorial plaques were installed in the presence of relatives, colleagues, and schoolchildren. One of them - the Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-bomber Pashkov was in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory installed and consecrated at the obelisk of factory workers who fell during the Great Patriotic War. And the most ambitious project, initiated by our veterans, was a monument to the children of war, front-line brigades and home front workers, which, at our request, was made by the famous sculptor K. Grünberg and funded by the patron and deputy of the Council of Deputies I. Volodin. Of the last and half realized plans: the installation of two plaques on the Elmash Central Committee named after Yu.P. Glazkova and on the street named after L.Ya. Mekhontsev. Permits for these events obtained from the highest authorities.

Plant Museum

The UETM History Museum was organized in 1974 by order of the plant director of those years V.V. Blucher. The permanent exhibition was located in the Elmash recreation center until 2000. In 2003, the museum opened its doors in the oldest hardware building on the plant and existed for five years, receiving on its site up to 3 thousand visitors a year. In connection with the demolition of the building, the exposition was curtailed in 2007 and mothballed in the museum’s depositories located in 3 different buildings of the plant. The main fund storage of flat materials, awards and material resources is located in the Engineering Center.

Funds are estimated at 30 thousand storage units. Ten inventory books store information about the treasures of the museum. The most ancient exhibit of the 80th century AD — a piece of lava from Vesuvius, which plunged the city of Pompeii into oblivion — found a place in a safe. Like the Order of the Star of Bukhara during the Civil War. Awards by war veterans, winners of the VDNKh medals and USSR rationalizers, autographs of Gagarin, Yeltsin, Nikulin and many other unique people are also of historical value. The factory workers saw the first factory clock of 1896 among the other 40 hours in the exhibition “Time is silently looking at us through glass”. Soldiers 'and officers' overcoats are exhibited at exhibitions in May annually, as well as helmets, field phones and tablets, kettles and other evidence of war. Of course, even household items of plant workers of the 20th century already have historical and artistic value. Scientific literature, paintings, icons, jewelry, sports cups and awards - all the more. It was possible to evaluate the value of museum funds twice in the history of the museum when, on May 18, 1985, the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR awarded him the title “Folk Museum” and was enlisted in the Association of Scientific and Technical Museums of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums ICOM on May 15, 2001.

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory, in the lobby of the Engineering Center for plant workers and guests of the plant, a showcase hall was opened by order of the former museum director Vera Petrovna Tuhanova. Through regularly replaced (up to 5-8 exhibitions per year), the museum reminds of its existence. Exhibitions, and about 30 of them took place here, create an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality and allow you to know your team better. For example, the exhibitions “Clever Boys and Clever Girls”, “Dynasties Attached a Plant”, “Our Talents Are to a Native Plant”, “Your People, a Plant”, “They Protected the Country”. Expositions on Victory Day, Plant Day, New Year, February 23 and March 8, Children's Day and Mechanical Engineer Day are frequent. Exhibition ideas are painted a year in advance. But we do not boil in our juice. We are open for cooperation, and the factory workers have already met a dozen of urban artists, including A. Efremov, A. Mitsnik, V. Chizhova, P. Utkin. The exhibition of factory photographers "I Look at the World with a Special Look" was highly appreciated by the specialists of the photographic museum "Metenkov House". Already passed 2 stages. The 3rd exhibition is being prepared. The exhibition “Newspapers of the 20th century will tell” was unique. After all, before the newspaper appeared, then the plant! Factory craftswomen eagerly respond to exhibitions and discover remarkable talents in embroidery with ribbons, mouline, beads, in creating topiary, sewing in patchwork style and unique author dolls. Collectors of bonds, coins, badges are special people who surprised by their diligence colleagues in the exhibition for the anniversary of the Russian ruble.

Magnetic exhibitions “I went on vacation - show someone else”, for the Day of Cosmonautics and as a result of past major events, such as the “First-grader's Day” or jubilees of workshops and departments, became popular among plant workers. The museum conducts dialogue with the factory workers for about half a century and will not stop under any circumstances. Museum UETM and the plant are not separable!

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