System of quality

The strategic goal of the organization is to always be a leader in the market of heavy electrical engineering.

The strategic objective of the organization is to establish long-term relationships with customers to meet their needs and expectations.

The international standard ISO 9001 is used to assess the organization's ability to consistently meet the requirements of consumers, legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to the products, its own requirements and its desire to improve.

On 22 April 2015, the General Director approved the quality Policy. The policy indicates that the management adheres to clearly defined approaches and principles by which it intends to achieve competitive advantages.

The Quality Management System is a tool for the implementation of the quality Policy, which is developed, implemented and maintained. The quality management system helps to improve the overall performance and forms a reliable mechanism for continuous development of the company.

The main task of the company's managers is to focus on the unification and coordination of all functional and production units, to ensure the quality of products that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers more than the products of competitors.

The management of the company were trained in ISO-9001-2015 and received certificates.

The main objectives in terms of quality:

- Increasing customer satisfaction;

- Increase of efficiency and effectiveness of production;

- Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of supply;

- Staff development.

In order to achieve the set objectives, on the basis of the quality Policy approved by the General Director, the heads of departments form the quality goals for their departments.

The Quality Department aims at continuous improvement of the quality management system, aimed at finding every opportunity for improvement.


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