Transformers for the Belarusian nuclear power plant

UETM shipped two TRDN-25000/110 U1 transformers for 110/10 kV “Ostrovets Vostochnaya” substation in the Republic of Belarus. The power facility will appear as part of the construction of the Belarusian (Ostrovets) nuclear power plant.

This order became the starting point that united the ideas of the design department of Uralelectrotyazhmash and the requirements of the customer. During the work, many design options were calculated and new techniques were applied to reduce the weight and size parameters while maintaining the requirements of a full vacuum. In the end, the total mass of the transformer decreased by 36% (from 59 t to 43.2 t), and the dimensions decreased from 5950x3850x5400 to 5250x3350x4400. At the same time, the cost price has changed, which gives a competitive advantage in the market.

An intelligent monitoring system with optical sensors was installed on the transformer. It allows you to control many parameters of the transformer (winding temperature, magnetic circuit, oil, transformer load, cooling system, etc.), based on the analysis of which the cooling system works, and all data is transmitted to the substation control panel.

The transformer has passed a full cycle of tests that have proved the viability of the new design.

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