UETM Updates Protective Equipment of the Large Hadron Collider

UETM updates the protective equipment of the Large Hadron Collider


The result of the visit to WETM of the European Organization for Nuclear Research specialists was an order for the first batch of the modernization kit of the ABA-49-4000 / 10-L-S-UHL4 and VAB-49-4000 / 2-L-S-UHL4 switches, which were manufactured for CERN in 2012. These are unique safety switches of a special design that have no world analogues (ultra high-speed, ultra-reliable, protected from radiation).

In January, the first batch of three sets of upgrades was successfully tested in Switzerland, after which an agreement was signed for another 32 sets. It is noteworthy that the experts of the research center did not refuse to cooperate with UETM in the context of the withdrawal of the application for membership in CERN of Russia, which indicates the confidence of scientists and the impeccable reputation of the Ural equipment that meets the highest requirements of the Large Hadron Collider. 

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