Unique Russian GIS of outdoor installation

In December 2022, 7 cells of the 110 kV outdoor GIS of the RUEN-UETM-110 series were manufactured by UETM;  six of which were shipped for export.

 This fact confirms the full readiness of UETM to implement a large-scale program of import substitution of foreign GIS for domestic equipment. 

The outdoor GIS series RUEN-UETM-110 it is a completely domestic development, created and adapted for the most severe operating conditions, and at the moment it is the only certified GIS on the territory of the Russian Federation, which does not require additional protective structures (containers or modular buildings) when operating at extreme temperatures of -55 ° C and below.

The reliability of this equipment has been confirmed by the operation in real conditions of extremely low temperatures in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for 7 years.

The recorded minimum temperature during the operation of the RUEN-UETM-110 cells was -54,3 ° С.

RUEN-UETM-110 is certified by PJSC ROSSETI and fully complies with all the requirements of domestic and international standards for GIS.

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