Pumps for Akkuyu NPP (Turkey)

The first batch of pumps for Akkuyu NPP (Turkey) is being prepared for shipment at Uralgidromash.

The supply contract for eight pumps with electric motors was concluded in 2021. This is a significant and responsible project for the company. Now the production of two of the four pumps that will be installed at the first unit of the Akkuyu NPP is being completed at Uralgidromash. The terms of reference assumed the elaboration of a new pump layout, in which the shaft length turned out to be more than 11 meters. In a short time, a large amount of work was carried out on both layout and technical solutions. According to the technical requirements, the service life of the pumps should be at least 40 years, therefore, the pump body parts should last in seawater for at least this period. The next batch of four pumps will be intended for the second unit of the NPP. After the acceptance inspection, the units will be shipped to the customer for installation and installation at the station. The Akkuyu nuclear power plant is being built on the Mediterranean coast in the Gulnar district of Mersin province.

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