Circuit Breakers for the Collider

UETM is involved in a large-scale project, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate. An analog of the Large Hadron Collider is being built in Dubna on the basis of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The company will supply 56 VAB-49 circuit breakers for power engineers.

Another "nuclear" project will appear in the piggy bank of UETM orders – in addition to switches for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the company will supply high-voltage equipment for the Russian accelerator complex NICA (superconducting collider of protons and heavy ions) under construction.

The power supply system of the collider's structural superconducting magnets includes an energy evacuation subsystem based on energy evacuation keys (EEK). For the power supply system of 2 collider rings, 12 EEK is required. One EEK consists of four automatic high-speed switches, field quenching resistor blocks, current sensors, a EEK diagnostic and control system, and a power bus harness. Thus, 48 VAB-UETM®will be delivered for 12 NICA keys-49-6300/10L UHL4, four more will go to the test stand and four - to the spare parts.

NICA will allow you to reproduce the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang. Then there were not only atoms, but also the particles that make up atomic nuclei (protons and neutrons). Instead, the space was filled with a hot "porridge" -quark-gluon plasma. Today, such plasma can be recreated on accelerators. To do this, you need to push heavy atomic nuclei with a suitable energy. NICA will operate in the most promising energy range.

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