Four years – the flight is normal

The first two serial cells of RUEN-UETM®-110, which are installed in the city of Yakutsk, have turned four years old.

The delivery of the RUEN-UETM®-110 hybrid device to the Namyv substation was actually a pilot operation. During the installation, we had to solve a number of non-trivial technical problems, but we managed to cope with them quickly enough, and the equipment was put into operation by the due date. Now it supplies electricity to the 203 microdistrict of the city of Yakutsk.

Delivery to a remote area with harsh climatic conditions (in winter in Yakutsk, the average temperature in January is about -40 °C, and almost every winter the temperature drops to -50 °C and below) is a serious test for new equipment, so UETM followed the fate of the first serial product quite closely, much attention was paid to diagnostics.  In response to the emerging problems, the RUEN was modernized right in the process of its operation. 

Despite the extreme conditions in which the equipment is located, there are no comments on the operation of the RUEN-UETM®-110 cells now, all parameters comply with the norms and requirements of the operational documentation, which was confirmed at the extraordinary maintenance that UETM carried out in August of this year.

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