Extension of certification of RUEN

The company received an extension of the conclusion of the certification commission of the STC "FGC UES" on the project "Switchgear with gas-insulated insulation of an outdoor installation of the RUEN-UETM®-110 series".

On November 12, Rosseti PJSC approved a protocol for extending the validity period of ZAK, in which the specified equipment is recommended for use at the facilities of STC FGC UES JSC and PJSC Rosseti. The extension of ZAK means that the RUEN-UETM®-110 switchgear meets all modern requirements of PJSC Rosseti for equipment purchased by the company.

The switchgear is built on the basis of VEB-UETM® circuit breakers, built-in current transformers of the TVG-UETM® series, built-in voltage transformers of the ZNG-UETM® series, gas-insulated modules of disconnector-earthing switches.

RUEN-UETM-110 is recognized as a domestic innovative solution and is included in the register of innovative solutions of PJSC ROSSETI, payment order No. 109, unique decision number 17-037-0092 / 1.


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