UETM - 85 years!

UETM celebrated its 85th anniversary! Over the years, the plant has provided equipment for 60 or more countries in which our transformers, circuit breakers and electric machines have been operating without interruption for decades! We have something to be proud of, and we will reinforce the glory of the plant with new achievements!

These were difficult and interesting years - the years of formation and development, creation and creativity, work and rest. The first five-year plans, the Great Patriotic War, the period of stagnation, troubled 90s and challenging modernity - whatever the era, the factory coped with any tasks and requirements of the time!


From 1934 to 1941, when our plant began to produce the first switches, disconnectors and drives to them, the development of new technology was practically not carried out. At the beginning of the war, our plant was reborn when new equipment and specialists were evacuated from Leningrad, from the Elektroapparat plant, who immediately took up leadership positions and organized the production of powerful tank circuit breakers and completely new industries, such as the production of converter transformers, electric machines, high-speed VAB series switches, mercury rectifiers, etc.
After the war, we received a huge amount of Siemens equipment for reparations, which made it possible to equip all laboratories, and not just laboratories, with good equipment.
In the 1970s, when the iron curtain collapsed and information about foreign equipment poured down on us, when new generation insulation materials appeared, the direction of high-voltage equipment immediately stepped forward. Instead of 8-ton tank ones, we began to produce 2-ton low-oil circuit breakers of the VMT series at 110, and then at 220 kV, in which about twenty inventions were introduced, including mine. By the way, the “heart” of the circuit breaker - the interrupter chamber - was born precisely on my kulman, its original design made it possible to develop a chamber with the same arrester capacity weighing 16 kg instead of 260 kg in the tank switch.
In general, a semi-criminal story happened with SF6 gas. In Moscow VEI them. Lenin back in the 1930s, the researcher Gokhberg proposed the use of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) in switches and called it SF6. However, not having understood the toxic properties of the decomposition products of SF6, some of the laboratory workers were poisoned, and the USSR government forbade any work with SF6 gas. Research was resumed only in the 1980s, and as a result, we are 20 years behind the West. I think it’s about 20 years old. Now, fortunately, we have practically caught up with foreign equipment, and even surpassed it in some respects, and we are pleased to realize that this break occurred not in Moscow, not in Leningrad, but in the Urals, and it was in our factory.
In my opinion, the military period of 1941-1945 became decisive in the development of our enterprise, and not only in terms of mastering the production of new equipment: Leningrad specialists brought their special intelligence to the factory teams. The respectful and polite treatment of employees between themselves and the boss with a subordinate became the standard, and this style of relationship, transmitted from one generation to another, has been preserved in the factory team to this day.

I.Z. Aronov, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation, Leading Designer of KB OGK VVA, Honorary Uralelectrotyazhmashovets

As part of the celebration of the Day of the plant, UETM honored the Honorary Uralelectrotyazhmashtsev. In the anniversary year, this title was awarded to four more factory workers who made a significant contribution to the development of the enterprise, including the former director of the plant A.M. Molotkov, Chairman of the Union of Engineering Enterprises of the Sverdlovsk Region.

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