Transformers of UETM - 80!

The department of the chief designer of transformer-reactor equipment celebrated its eightieth anniversary in January!

On November 1, 1938, the first TM-100/6 type transformers were assembled at the plant, and two months later, on January 4, 1939, the KO-4 transformer design office was created. The bureau consisted of only four people. This period can be attributed to the emergence of transformer in the Urals. And in half a year, in June, the thousandth transformer was assembled and tested. In such a short time, we managed to organize production and put it on stream! At that time, oil transformers of types TM-50, TM-100, TM-180 were produced. In 1939, the plant "Uralelektromashina" was divided into two independent plants - "Ural Turbine" and "Uralelektroapparat". Since then, Uralelectroapparat has specialized in the production of high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, hydrogenerators, and large electric machines. Already in 1940, the plant’s output increased by 13 times compared with 1935, and the product range reached 230 types. By 1941, the plant had about 1,800 workers employed in the manufacture of HVE and SRW.

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