UETM Electric Drive Launched at Norilsk Nickel

Specialists from the UETM control systems and power electronics department commissioned an alternating-current drive for the lifting machine at the Mayak mine, which is part of Norilsk Nickel. 
The software part of the control system is a unique development of its own using the latest world science and technology. This is the first domestic development for this class of equipment!
The “brain” of the system is the latest generation microcircuit, which has a flexible architecture and allows solving algorithmically complex problems. The universality of the developed system makes it possible to use it in future projects. The peculiarity of the process of creating a system is the use of mathematical modeling, which has significantly accelerated development. Algorithmic solutions were tested and optimized at the design stage. With the help of simulation mathematical models of power equipment on a mathematical model of the electric drive, the system was debugged and tested in technological modes of operation of the mine hoist.

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