Magnetic Suspension Control System

  • The control system of the magnetic suspension SUMP-1 UHL4 is intended for the levitation of the rotors of electrical machines, in particular, the turbine and the turbine generator.
  • Load current - no more than 35 A, the pickup setting of the current limiter of the power amplifier - no more than 27 A, forced air cooling
  • The control system includes a power cabinet (SP1), a control cabinet (SU-1) and magnetic bearings, with rotor position sensors and electromagnets installed in them.
  • SUMP is also designed for continuous monitoring of the state of elements, blocks and their parameters and when they deviate from the specified values, the formation of a warning or alarm signal with its transfer to an automated system of technological processes (APCS).
  • The use of this system eliminates wear of the mechanical part of the bearing, increases the efficiency of the electric machine due to the absence of friction in the mechanical part of the bearing, and, as a result, eliminates the expensive oil supply system, which dramatically increases the fire safety of the entire control system.
  • This system is highly reliable, as evidenced by factory testing.
  • This development is relevant for the oil and gas sector in the transportation of produced hydrocarbons. 


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