AC Power Drives (ACPD)

  • ACPD provides:
    • soft start of the engine with a given value of current or start time;
    • regulation and maintenance of a given speed;
    • limiting motor current in static and dynamic modes.
  • ACPD includes the following functional units and devices:
    • power unit;
    • system of automatic regulation, protection and alarm;
    • exciter (for a synchronous motor);
    • input converter transformer or network reactor;
    • power switching and protection equipment in input and output circuits
    • output filter.
    • system for automatic diagnostics of the state of the electric drive elements.
  • The power part of ACPD is performed according to the rectifier scheme - DC link - inverter. The inverter runs on fully controlled IGBT or IGCT power tools. The rectifier can be performed in an unregulated (diode) version for drives without inverting energy into the network, or in a regulated version (similar to an inverter) for drives with braking by inverting energy into the network.
  • ACPD can also be carried out according to the scheme of an inverter driven by a network for smooth starting and controlling the speed of synchronous motors.
  • On request, ACPDs are completed with an automatic diagnostics system for the state of the electric drive elements (vibration and temperature of bearings, pressure and oil flow, etc.), providing current monitoring and recording of parameters. This allows you to identify faults in the early stages of their development, to plan in advance preventive work, to eliminate emergency downtime.
  • ACPD can be carried out both in a cabinet version for installation in electrical rooms and in a container version for outdoor installation.
  • Our company developed and manufactured ACPD according to the inverter scheme, driven by the network, for a voltage of 6 kV with a capacity of 3 to 8 MW to drive a pump (PRC), to drive ball mills (Zhezkazgan Mining and Processing Plant "Mnogovverchinny"). For CJSC Energomash, 5 MW 3 kV and 1 MW 690 V frequency converters were developed and supplied on fully controlled devices.
  • To order ACPD, you must fill out and send to our address a questionnaire.



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