The switchgear is built on the basis of well-proven switches WEB-UETM®, built-in current transformers of the TVG-UETM® series, built-in voltage transformers of the ZNG-UETM® series, gas-insulated earthing switch modules.

When creating the switchgear, all long-term positive experience in the development, production and operation of high-voltage equipment UETM was taken into account.

The modular design of the switchgear allows realizing any substation schemes. Possibility to install additional options: a capacitive sensor system - a high voltage indicator, a monitoring system and monitoring of the level of the Czech Republic, a system for monitoring the position of the contacts of an R / C module, a switching resource metering device, a service platform.

High factory readiness, simple and fast installation in operation.

Compact dimensions significantly reduce space requirements for equipment installation.

RUEN-UETM®-110 is entered in the register of innovative solutions of PJSC ROSSETI n / n No. 109 unique decision number 17-037-0092 / 1


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