UETM carried out a comprehensive delivery of HAU

UETM implemented the first integrated delivery of high availability units. The equipment was shipped to the substation 110 kV Metelex LLC.

High availability units are a compact and mobile alternative to traditional substations with separately installed equipment. The main advantages of their use are a simpler installation scheme, a reduction in the volume of construction work and a reduction in the time needed for the object to be completed. The tendency to use ready-made complete solutions with high factory readiness is increasingly common among customers who want to build a substation more quickly. For UETM, this is the first complex delivery, with which the order for the construction of an open switchgear unit has been completely closed. Within its framework, specialists in the design of substations and electrical networks have developed units for a tank switch, a three-pole disconnector, transformersvoltage, single pole earthing, surge suppressors, 35 and 110 kV supporting insulators, 35 kV coupling capacitor unit and high-frequency trap set unit. In addition, a special service platform was developed for this order. Now it comes in a single constructive style.

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