The First Switch VGT-UETM®-35 with Poplar Control

UETM specialists installed the first VGT-UETM®-35 switch with polarized control.

The switch was supplied to the Republic of Belarus as part of the implementation of one of the stages of the project for the issuance of capacity at the Belarusian NPP, namely the reconstruction of the 220 kV Stolbtsy substation and the Minskenergo RUE.

"Construction of a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus. Power output communication with the power grid" is the largest Belarusian investment project. It provides for the construction of 330 kV overhead power lines with a length of over one thousand kilometers on the territory of the Grodno, Minsk and Vitebsk regions, the reconstruction of existing lines of 110-330 kV, the reconstruction of 4 facilities (330 kV open switchgear at the Minsk CHP-4, 330 kV Ross substation , substations 220 kV "Stolbtsy", substations 330 kV "Smorgon" with the installation of the second transformer) and the construction of a new substation 330 kV "Postavy". 

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