Excitation Systems for Hydrogenerators

  • Excitation systems are a set of equipment that is necessary and sufficient to supply the excitation winding of the generator with automatically controlled rectified current in all operating modes.
  • Excitation systems are shipped in three large assembly units:
    • thyristor converter unit UP;
    • input excitation board (DC) IEB;
    • converter transformer TU.


  • Cabinets that are part of UP are installed on a common frame and interconnected by power circuits and secondary switching circuits.
  • The converter unit contains one thyristor converter consisting of several parallel-connected withdrawable valve sections (CB) with forced air cooling of the thyristors, a microprocessor excitation control system (SMSUV) and an AC power input cabinet SSV. The number of CB is determined by the nominal current of the excitation system.
  • Any repair of the emergency equipment and its commissioning after repair is performed without breaking the existing mode of the generator.
  • Equipment SMSUV performs automated control of the excitation system, providing the functions of technological control of generator modes, equipment control, information and protective functions, as well as protection from unauthorized impact on the operation of the excitation system.
  • As transformer transformers (TU), dry transformers with natural air cooling are used in climatic versions UHL3 and O4 produced by CJSC Energomash (Yekaterinburg) - Uralelectrotyazhmash.
  • Excitation systems are available in climatic versions for temperate (UHL4) and tropical (О4) climate according to GOST 15150-69.
  • Excitation systems can be manufactured in seismic performance. In this case, when an earthquake intensity of 9 points on MSK-64 (at the level of the installation of the excitation system above the zero mark to 20 m) is maintained, the efficiency after the earthquake.
  • Excitation systems comply with GOST 21558-2000, which corresponds to IEC34-3 Publication in terms of technical requirements for excitation systems.
  • The parameters of the excitation systems can be adjusted to the parameters of the excitation of a particular generator in accordance with the order.




Nominal rectified voltage, V

Up to 550

Nominal rectified current, A

Up to 4000

Excitation ceiling voltage, pu, at least


Ceiling excitation current, pu, not less


Forcing duration, s

Up to 50

Speed, s, not more


Frequency of mains voltage, Hz


Converter supply voltage, V

Up to 1050

Supply voltage of own needs from the network 50 Hz, V


Supply voltage of own needs from DC network, V


The number of thyristors (in the bridge arm) in the valve section

6 (1)

The number of valve sections

Up to 6

Thyristor type

Т353-800, class 32

Total noise level, dB, not more


Dimensions, (length x width x height), mm:

valve section SV

600 х 1000 х 2550

AC power input cabinet SSV

600 х 1000 х 2550

microprocessor control cabinet excitation system SMSUV

600 х 1000 х 2550

board of input of excitement (on a direct current) SVV

1000 х 1000 х 2550

(1600 х 1000 х 2550)

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