Complete Thyristor Direct Current Drives (CТD)

  • CTD provide:
    • start and braking of motors with given values of current, moment, acceleration, time;
    • maintaining a given speed or its regulation according to a specific algorithm;
    • limiting the maximum values of current, speed, voltage, torque, acceleration.
  • CTD include the following functional units and devices:
    • power unit with a three-phase rectifying bridge circuit;
    • system of automatic regulation, protection and alarm systems from Siemens;
    • device for motor excitation winding;
    • mechanical brake power supply device;
    • power supply device for winding tachogenerator;
    • dynamic braking device; 
    • input converter transformer or network reactor;
    • smoothing or current-limiting reactor in the rectified current circuit;
    • power switching and protection equipment in AC and DC circuits.
    • system for automatic diagnostics of the state of the electric drive elements.
  • CTDs are manufactured by our company for currents from 100 A to 10,000 A voltage from 220 V to 1050 V.
  • The CTD uses a proprietary power unit and a microprocessor control, regulation and protection system from Siemens. This combination made it possible to obtain highly reliable, convenient in setting up and operating products that are not inferior in their qualities to converters of leading foreign firms.
  • CTD upon customer's request is completed with an automatic diagnostics system for the state of electric drive elements (vibration and temperature of bearings, pressure and oil flow, etc.), providing current monitoring and recording of parameters. This allows you to identify faults in the early stages of their development, to plan in advance preventive work, to eliminate emergency downtime.
  • CTD can be carried out both in a cabinet version for installation in electrical rooms and in a container version for outdoor installation.
  • Many largest metallurgical plants of Russia and the CIS countries equipped with thyristor electric drives of the UETM brand: West-Siberian, Novolipetsk, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Karaganda, etc. We have also developed and manufactured more than 80 complete converting devices in container design of an outdoor unit for the electric drive of Uralmash drilling rigs.
  • To order CTD, you must fill out and send to our address a questionnaire.



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