Joint stock company "Uralelektrotyazhmash" complete with transformer equipment, supplies the latest reliable equipment for monitoring the status of transformers.

The monitoring system provides:

  • Analyzing and intelligently interpreting data from a transformer in real time
  • Predicting transformer status
  • Improved power supply reliability
  • Ability of transformers to withstand overload
  • Power quality control
  • Collection and storage of information over a long period
  • Integration in process control systems
  • Reduced participation of maintenance personnel in the operation of the transformer, and as a result, reduced operating costs

Options for a complete set of transformers monitoring system

Standard (GOST)


Full transformer monitoring

Temperature control of the upper layers of oil (TMT2-30)

All sensors are standard equipment

All sensors are standard equipment

Temperature monitoring of on-load tap-changer (Pt100 sensor)

Temperature monitoring of the hottest winding point (indirect measurement)

Temperature monitoring of the hottest winding point (direct measurement)

OLTC position sensor

Entry level oil analyzer  (H2O,H2,CO)

Oil analysis device(7 gases + H2O)

Remote position indicator of OLTC

Remote control and alarm system of the cooling system

Sensor control isolation of high-voltage inputs

Cooling system Control Cabinet


OLTC monitoring system

Built-in current transformers


Integrated Transformer Monitoring System

Devices of technological protection (safety valve, gas and jet relays), as well as connected to the monitoring system.


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