Today Joint Stock Company Uralelectrotyazhmash supplies dry transformers and reactors of a wide range of applications with various insulation systems. The manufactured equipment is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation, environmentally friendly, fireproof.

Power - from 25 to 16 000 kVA.Voltage 6 - 35 kV. Accumulated operating experience - more than 60 years.
Manufactured by domestic technology. With various types of insulation: air-barrier, cast Transterm.Insulation "Transterm" own development UETM made with the reinforcement of epoxy resin glass-containing materials.
The design provides the highest mechanical strength with vibration and alternating loads.

Operating temperature range: –60 °С до + 55 °С.

Climatic version according to GOST 15150

Conductor material - copper, aluminum.

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